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  • Apparel


    Men’s and women’s outdoor apparel that is made for fit, functionality, and durability.

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  • Footwear


    We carry only the most comfortable, versatile, and functional sandals, boots, hikers, running shoes, and flats!

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  • Accessories


    Seasonal hats, socks, winter accessories, SPF and insect-shield accessories, travel bags, purses, and more!

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  • Specialty


    Watches, jewelry, hand-crafted knives, mugs and bottles, wine and beer holders, etc.

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Our philosophy


    We provide unparalleled customer assistance that ensures all customers have a fun, informative, and unique shopping experience.


    Our knowledgable staff are trained to explain the functionality behind our products. All employees are able to provide correct shoe fitting as well as clothing assistance and direction no matter what your needs may be.


    Our technical clothing, comfortable footwear, and functional accessories are selected with three things in mind: durability, function, and fit. We carry quality soft goods from well-known brands that use only high-quality materials and fabrics that are made to last.


  • If nothing else, we promise you will have an enjoyable experience every time you come in the store!

    Spring | Summer

    • Sun Protection | SPF & UPF
      April 1, 2013

      Sun Protection | SPF & UPF

      UPF/ SPF sun protection is key in the warm summer months! Come check out our...

    • Bug Protection | Insect Shield
      March 26, 2013

      Bug Protection | Insect Shield

       Bugs Away and Insect Shield will keep you itch-free, cool, and protected!.

    • Water Wear
      February 8, 2013

      Water Wear

      Whether you are kayaking, boating, hiking, or just headed out to work – we have...

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